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to help bridge the gap between who you truly are and the lifestyle you desire.


Tha Bridge is a Financial Accountability Coaching Company with a focus on wellness from the inside out. Founded in 2019, Tha Bridge offers financial planning, one-on-one money coaching, financial planning workshops and the “Money Over Mind” life coaching course.


I am a certified Spiritual Life Coach and a Financial Advisor. Interesting mix, right?

I have always been fascinated by the subject of money and how most people interact with it. I’ve always been very curious about people and behaviors in general.

I am also a Licensed Insurance Professional which allows me to help clients protect their family and their finances.

As a Licensed Fiduciary I have a solid commitment to put clients needs above my own. Please see services for additional information.


Through my experiences, personal and professional, I realized money is often the blame for unhappiness and unfulfilled dreams; but that’s just surface.

I enjoyed my career as a Financial Advisor, but my calling stretched much further.

After training as a Spiritual Life Coach I combined those teachings and techniques into my Financial Advising practice. It was exactly what had been missing all these years.

Practicing SLC along with FA allowed me to go beneath the surface with clients.

As a coach I’m focused on uncovering and interrupting behavioral patterns that helped lead to poor relationships with money and mismanagement of money.

Tha Bridge is my calling, it is how I am in service to those that are ready for a money reset.

My passion is meeting you where you are and providing you with the tools, space and support to really put money in check. At Tha Bridge LLC. money is in service to you, opening doors you never thought possible.

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