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When you're chasing money, you decrease in mental and spiritual capacity. With money in check, you automatically experience more freedom of mind, spirit and creativity.

Welcome to Tha Bridge. We provide the space, guidance and support to manifest the life you truly desire.
At Tha Bridge, money is in service to you.


Not having a financial plan probably has you feeling insecure. That’s shaky ground for every other area of your life...right?

Living without money in check is tiring and stressful. It robs you of mental clarity and creativity.

In today’s world it can be hard for the most savvy individuals to make the right decisions.


I’m a Financial Accountability Coach. I help my clients shut out the noise and rediscover who they BE. Our goal is to create a plan where you use money as a tool instead of a prize.

The world is ready to receive who YOU truly BE.

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